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31 May 2023
Vienna, Austria
Connect Day 2023

General Information on Admission

Admission for the physical participation is open for everybody interested in startup-corporate collaborations. The number of on-site participants is limited to 800. 

The matchmaking sessions are limited to specific target groups. 

After registration, all profiles will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria and may be activated or not activated. Participants without activation can only view the stage show online but are not qualified for matchmaking with other participants.

Activation Criteria

For Start-ups

  • not older than 6 years* with less than 250 employees
  • at least one self-developed product or service
  • competitive advantage through a technological leap (high grade of innovation)
  • at least a prototype or minimal viable product (MVP) in place
  • scaleable / highly scaleable

Start-ups that apply for matchmaking with investors will be screened by a jury. Start-ups selected by the jury will be allowed to request meetings with investors. Investors are allowed to request meetings with both selected and non-selected startups.

* This is no hard criteria. For e.g. in case of a long R&D-process companies older than 6 years may be activated as startups. In case of doubt, contact your support office displayed in your profile or the respective support office in the Contacts subsection.

For Corporates / SMEs and Research Agencies 

  • Corporates/SME seeking innovative products and services
  • Corporates/SME willing to engage in cooperations with startups like...
    • pilot-projects / use-case projects,
    • joint research and development,
    • distribution partnerships,
    • strategic partnerships and investments,
    • and cooperations, where startups act as suppliers.

Non-target Group Criteria (no Activation for Matchmaking)

For Start-ups

  • Companies with no self-developed technology
  • Companies distributing or implementing primarily third party products and services
  • Companies who are primarily consulting and/or developing solutions for others on order

For Corporates/SME

  • Corporates/SME who primarily want to sell their products and/or services...
    • to startups
    • to other corporates
  • Corporates/SME who are primarily engaging as consulters for startups and/or corporates (e.g., tax consulters, management consulters, growth consulters, coaches, etc.). 

Meeting and Booking rules

  • Start-ups are able to book meetings with all participants except for investors. Only selected startups are able to book meetings with investors. The investor's jury will inform selected startups individually
  • Corporates/SMEs are able to book meetings with all participants except for other corporates/SMEs
  • Investors are able to book meetings with all participants.
  • Partner are able to book meetings with all participant types
  • Others are able to book ONLY others (but they can be booked from all other participant types)
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